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  • New double wrapped LED whip for boat - Norwayho

    Not only for ATV/UTV/RZR on land, Norwayho also started to develop new products for marine. Wrapped LED whip for boat is our first step on this road. Based on the original product, with considering the nature of overwater use, new whip for boat retains the advantages of our current type and there a

  • Automotive Wiring Set - Norwayho

    If you are having trouble in a real mess wiring, Norwayho would love to recommend a super convenience automotive wiring set, which can help you own a great laying lines and connections.A whole wiring set includes: relay, switch, fuse holder, connection cable 1. About RelayRelays are a mechanical dev

  • The Best Chasing LED Controller - Norwayho

    Always be motivated and passionate, we made a great progress on controllers.Compare to before, the LED lighted whips could be controlled by remote only or bluetooth only, but now,the advantages of new harness are as follows.

  • How to Choose your own LED Whip - Norwayho

    There are lots of LED Whip brands in the market. So how to choose your best one? First, confirm what's Whips' LED Chip brand. Norwayho use Sanan optoelectronics, which is of high reputation, best quality and with bunch of patents. LED Chip listed companies ListAmerica brands mainly: CREE, LUMILEDS,

  • Mining safety whips-for warning-Norwayho

    Safety Whips are used to increase the visibility and awareness of smaller vehicles for those operating larger heavier vehicles that are typical within mining and construction environments. Smaller conventional vehicles are easy for operators of larger heavier vehicles to miss, potentially causing se

  • Latest Bright LED Whip - Huge release

    Tired of having same type whip with others? Having troubles in whip colors that always confused by others? Want to stand out the crowded? Breaking news! Norwayho has been researching a SUPER bright LED Whip for your options. Totally new light, new quick release mount design and unique top light.

  • Norwayho Participate in MINExpo 2016

    Sept.26th-28th, 2016, We will participate in MINExpo 2016. Hoping to see you here. Our Booth No.:24443


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