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If you are having trouble in a real mess wiring, Norwayho would love to recommend a super convenience automotive wiring set, which can help you own a great laying lines and connections.

A whole wiring set includes: relay, switch, fuse holder, connection cable

1. About Relay

Relays are a mechanical device that can connect or disconnect power to an accessory when it gets a low voltage ‘signal’ from a switch. There are two main reasons why relays are utilized:

1)If something were to fail and short, the chances of an interior fire are significantly REDUCED.

2)It allows the use of less heavy gauge wire. The longer the wire, the higher the resistance.

2. About Switch

The most useful switch at 12V 20A CE. Furthermore, Switch cover logo is customized!

3. About Fuse holder

A type of fuse accessory that is required to integrate fuses that cannot be dropped directly into conductive paths. Keep your product safe!

4. About Connection cable

Whatever length you want, we make it. Meet different requirements.

Get a wiring set for your 12V electric car product. It can be connected with LED Bars, LED Whips, Rock Light, Fuel Pump, Fan, Audio etc.

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