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1.    How to install the led lighted flagpole?

Thanks for choosing our led lighted flagpole. We really strive to provide the best products at the lowest cost. Here are some installation instructions to help you with the easy install. 
1st) You will need to have a 12 volt power source. You will need to hook this power to the wires that come out of the bottom base of the whip, Red wire is the positive, Black wire is the ground. It is recommended to run this through a switch with an in line fuse holder. The switch is optional but for warranty an in line fuse must be used. We recommend a 3amp fuse for single (1 whip) applications and a 5 amp fuse for dual (2 whips) applications. 
2nd) Your whips should now be ready to go. If the colors don't sync to the colors on controller you will need to follow the reset instructions that is provided with the remote. 
We hope you enjoy the led whips. RIDE SAFE MY FRIENDS AND LIGHT UP THE NIGHT!!!

2.    Instruction of wireless remote
RGB Remote
Dream Remote



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