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Always be motivated and passionate, we made a great progress on controllers. Available on iOS and Android. Scan and download "banlan X" APP. Enjoy driving and lighting.

Compare to before, the LED lighted whips could be controlled by remote only or bluetooth only. But now, synced controller way come true. The advantages of new harness are as follows.

1)You can control LED whip not only by remote but also by bluetooth.

2)With turning signals and brake function.

3)LEDs can dance with music rhyme.

4)One controller can be connected to two lighted whips and a set of rock lights, which is a great combination for your ATV/UTV/RZR, and easy for installation.

We keen on providing the best service to customers,so when you become a customer of Norwayho, do not hesitate to contact us when you have ideas. It's our pleasure to help you achieve your ideas.

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